On the radio: Don’t Start

Frank Skinner publicity shot from the BBC

Listening in to fifteen solid minutes of bickering, as anyone who has guiltily eavesdropped to a sniping couple on the train can testify, can be enormously fun.  Frank Skinner’s sitcom Don’t Start in which he stars as Neil opposite Katherine Parkinson’s Kim is an erudite, witty and occasionally emotional distillation of that pleasure. It returned for a third series over Christmas with an episode about … Christmas.

Post-dinner, too full to think initially, our fifteen minute relay covers the feigned death of a relative, who would be first to grab the knife from the floor, the need for emotional validiation, and chocolate truffles.  And a lot more besides.  Skinner really is excellent at taking us on conversational diversions and the repartee with Parkinson is a constant pleasure.  I laughed a lot.

In the next episode Neil and Kim will argue about scented bath candles.  Not something I’ve ever really given much though to.  I look forward to finding out exactly how much angst can be derived from them.


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