About “Cigarettes”

(C) Jon Smalldon 2016 – All rights reserved. Taken on a phone.

It says cigarettes on the shop sign.  As subtle as BARGAIN BOOZE. You should respect a shop that just wants to shout about what it does. Like you should respect that ten years ago phones on cameras went into hibernation at dusk whereas now this was shot well after dark on a phone that came free with a contract.  The original image was 3.65MB and was tucked away discretely on my phone until liberated by the cloud and was then edited on free software.  I remain in awe that things that would have been incredible a decade ago are now mundane.

No claims of greatness for this photo. It’s just the West End in London looking busy.  But it’s a shot that would have been nigh on impossible to take as quickly and easily in the past and that’s why I like it.


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