At the match: Bexhill United v Southwick

This man is moments away from conceding five goals – (C) Jon Smalldon 2016, All rights reserved.

Six goals.  Five to the visitors.  And yet at half time, with Southwick just leading 1-0 and a being warmed by a welcome Bovril, it was possible to think that, if anything, Bexhill had had the better chances.  Indeed when, on eighty minutes. the home side pulled one back to make it 4-1 the woman along from me speculated that there was still time for a come back.  She wasn’t joking and it did seem plausible.  There really can’t have been too many games where too sides felt so closely matched that have ended up with such lopsided scorelines.

The opening goal, coming in the first few minutes, was a 1927 FA Cup Final special.  A weak shot skidded under the ‘keeper and in.  Oh dear.  Aside from that, on a heavy pitch, neither side created much but there was effort aplenty.  It seemed we were destined for a low-scoring tight one.  That continued well into the second half but on the hour it became 2-0, then 3-0, then, by 75 minutes, 4-0.  It finished 5-1.  Someone may one day be able to explain how.

It was fun though, as long as you’re not living or dying by the result obviously.  Despite the heavy going both sides moved the football well and there was a fair few thudding tackles of the kind we like at this level of non league.  There should have been a sending off but the ref chose only to show a yellow because some part of the two feet that had taken out the opposing player had managed to brush the ball.  They’d have winced like mad on Match of the Day about that.  Everyone was shaking hands at the end.

As is my want, I took some photies.  They show Bexhill in uncharacteristic sky blue.  What they don’t show, because I managed to always be in the wrong place, is any of the good stuff from today.  But, should you so desire, they can be found here.


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