At the match: Bexhill United LFC v Leyton Orient WFC

Concentration – (C) Jon Smalldon 2016 – All rights reserved

Bexhill are looking forward to Wednesday when the first women’s match under lights at the Polegrove will be played.  The visitors will be nearby rivals Eastbourne Town.  Both sides need to take the positives from such firsts because today, in routine league action, both lost 4-0 and they occupy the bottom two sports of the London & South East Regional League.  There’s not much glory here, just a lot of hard slog.

Orient are a decent side. They moved the ball well even if their coach was a little too fond of telling everyone who’d listen that the total football he yearned his girls to play was being stifled by the sand-covered pitch.  The ladies in red were thwarted multiple times by a brutal offside trap that saved Bexhill on numerous occasions.  The hosts needed to be resolute in defence as there were few chances going their way at the other end.  With a bit more belief Bexhill could really be a decent team but belief must be hard to come by when the season has only brought you 9 points from a possible 54.

There were a few in the crowd and what they saw was a decent, if not close, game played in an excellent spirit.  I took some photos and they are here.


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