On the Stade: Project Vee

I’m sure there’s a juggling joke could go here – (C) Jon Smalldon 2016, All rights reserved

A thirty minute juggling act inspired by Soviet-era circus performance. On the evening England started their Euro 2016 misfire. The first surprise was that the boys and I weren’t the only people watching, the second was that Circus Geeks’ ‘Project Vee’ performance is pretty bloody good.

Yes, some bits didn’t quite go to plan but nobody wants absolute perfection.  The building of the platform (which didn’t seem to rotate properly at first) was a mite slow but I’m being a mite churlish in drawing attention to it. This was a splendid mix of sound effects, Heath Robinson gadgetry and epic throwing and catching.

The big test in outdoor entertainment is whether the crowd stays and the verdict this evening was obvious: nobody even thought of walking away.


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