At the match: Eastbourne Town Ladies v Bexhill United Ladies

Everyone waits for the penalty kick - (C) Jon Smalldon 2016, all rights reserved
Everyone waits for the penalty kick – (C) Jon Smalldon 2016, all rights reserved

Storm Angus may have rattled a few trees out of the ground but he could not stop the south coast clasico taking place in the Sussex Cup. Eastbourne and their near neighbours threw everything at each other in a fine example of knock out football in which the winner was in doubt right to the very end – Bexhill emerging victorious by the odd goal in five leaving the handful on hand to watch feeling they had been royally entertained indeed.

Bexhill led 1-0 at the break, a neat strike from their determined #4, and probably, just, maybe, on balance, probably deserved that lead.  Possibly.  It was tight. Both defences had to be alert and neither side was able to dominate in midfield.  And, if anything, the second half was somehow even tighter. The visitors broke it out to 2-0 but you’d have been a fool to bet against Eastbourne coming back into it and, sure enough, back into it they came.  A pounce on a ‘keeping error and then a drive from their #10 took a slight, but decisive, deflection. 2-2 and the momentum but then, having earlier had a seemingly legit appeal turned down, Eastbourne gave up a stonewall penalty which Bexhill calmly and cruelly converted.  Extra time would have been fair but it was not to be which, if nothing else, should at least save on the electricity bill.

All in all a very entertaining visit to the Saffrons which remains one of the most picturesque places to watch soccer.  Especially when you peek over the fence and see all the benches blown over the bowling green.

I took some photos of the match.  You can see them here. I’m blaming the failing light and my failing abilities for the distinct lack of quality there.


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