At the match: Hastings United v Corinthian Casuals

Mascot, mascot, boy - (C) 2016 Jon Smalldon, all rights reserved.
Mascot, mascot, boy – (C) 2016 Jon Smalldon, all rights reserved.

And so to the Pilot Field for a strange feast of pre-Christmas entertainment.  An epic worthy of five stars according to the Non League Paper, a frustrating afternoon of head scratching for anyone hoping for Hastings success.  Still, the noisy band of Corinthian Casuals fans with their striking collection of banners left happy.  Their journey back to Tolworth made somewhat easier by the way in which their team fell behind three times and yet still emerged 4-3 winners.

There were three minutes on the clock when Hastings took the lead. Jack Harris smashing home a lovely effort.  The lead was short lived.  It was 1-1 soon enough.  And so too when Hastings doubled their tally. 2-2 hurried right along behind.  They waited eight minutes into the second half before taking the lead again, but, as before, couldn’t hold on.  This time an angled, free header from a corner undid them.  And then, with callous predictability, the visitors played a cutting through ball that split the full backs and Shaun Okijie finished splendidly.  Hastings led for around twelve minutes in total but at the end they were dancing on the streets of Corinthian.

My younger son watched with interest although he showed too little interest in the history of Corinthian Casuals and a little too respect for their geography.  Apparently being based ‘sort of in London’ (as my expert description had it) meant his Sussex provincials never really stood a chance. I should have known.  And the fact that Brazil lost 7-1 in a World Cup semi final means that the good work of the Corinthian pilgrims of yore can be discarded with casual disinterest.

Anyway, no photos this time apart from the one above which shows class mascot Joshua having a pre-match chat with Leonard the seagull.  I’m guessing that even wearing an oversized bird’s head for eyes, he will have, like everyone else, left with the belief that Hastings really need to tighten up at the back and avoid too many seven goal epics if they’re to ever get out of Ryman South purgatory.


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