At the match: Langney Wanderers v Bexhill United

The ball is in the box - (C) Jon Smalldon 2017, All rights reserved
The ball is in the box – (C) Jon Smalldon 2017, All rights reserved

And so to the … oh, not the Oval, home of Eastbourne United Association, but Priory Lane, home of Eastbourne Borough, for this quarter final tie between Langney Wanderers and Bexhill United. What exactly this is the quarter final of wasn’t 100% clear either – a divisional cup, it appears – but after a reasonably hard fought game the ‘home’ side deservedly won through.

The frost that sank most other games in our corner of East Sussex can’t touch 3G pitches so a last minute swap was made and this SCFL Division 1 Cup quarter final match was played in perfect conditions in front of a pretty decent crowd. The swap meant nobody was on hand to open the tea bar though which, given the needle was barely above freezing, was a bit of a downer.

Langney are a feisty bunch. Even the warm-up was filled with barbaric yawps. So no surprise that they’re tasty, together and tough when the match gets underway. They led early but were pegged back before dominating most of the rest of the match. Bexhill had chances but not enough pressure. A penalty in injury time made the final score 3-2 but, in truth, it never felt as close as that. Langney deserved their march on.

I took some photos (here) and mostly had a good time.


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