At Coastal Currents: Dazzleship NN201 and Wayward

Jaye Ho’s ‘Dazzleship NN201’ in Hastings – (C) Jon Smalldon 2017, All rights reserved

Coastal Currents is back in Hastings (and surrounding area) with a lovely thick brochure and lots and lots to see.  So, in a ‘it’d be rude not to’ frame of mind, I ticked a couple of things off the list whilst undertaking other essential tasks in town (getting a hair cut, drinking a coffee, that sort of things).

First, to St Mary in the Castle, where in Wayward, six female artists have offered a response to the building.  The lines and brickwork of the Crypt have provoked the most literal of the connections through the use of stylised patterns.  My favourite involved sculptures created through the growth of mushrooms.  The twisting, splindliness reminded me of a lot of Dale Chihuly (I mean this in a good way).  I also liked the black coffin grimly defiant in one of the recesses.  I apologise for not making a not of which artist did what.

Second, just off the Stade, we have Jaye Ho’s Dazzleship.  In full on ‘what it says on the tin’, this is a fishing boat onto which has been applied World War One dazzle camouflage.  This follows up a previous dazzle ship display that featured in St Leonards two years ago.  It’s nicely distracting and looks good when set against the ongoing industry of the fishing fleet behind.  I think I may need to go back on a less grey day to get the full colour impact.



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