Coastal Currents: Tom Dale “Department of the Interior”

Tom Dale, “Department of the Interior” (2012)

The aim of Tom Dale’s Department of the Interior is to frustrate, and to tantalise us with questions about power games.  A 6.5m leatherette bouncy castle that you’re not allowed to have any fun on.  It’s like every kind of masochist’s dream: the ultimate pleasure is going to be forever denied to you despite being so tantalisingly close.

It’s quite a funky design.  All butt-plug turrets with jet-black easy-wipe coat.  It is also, I can confirm having viewed it with two kids in tow, the challenge of a lifetime to not hurl yourself on it and have a bounce.  Still, it’s interesting to come across some art that denies you as so much now is about the direct opposite: helter skelters that come with a tedious arty message to justify taking your money and giving you a detached wordy excuse to enjoy yourself.  This is on display in Hastings (St Leonards) after all.  If you really want some simple fun there’s plenty down on the seafront.


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