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2014-02-23 Daddy by HenryThanks for stopping by.  I started this blog about five years ago and I’m still trying to work out what it’s for.  If you have any ideas and comments about that, or indeed anything else, drop me a line. Mostly, I stick up ‘reviews’ of things I like and occasional observations around photos I’ve taken. I tend to avoid writing about things I didn’t find particularly interesting or which other people have written about better than I ever could.

You can find me on twitter or flickr.  I also exist in the real world but that’s much less interesting.

8 thoughts on “About Me & This Blog”

  1. Hi Jon, I was googling Smalldon as it is my maiden name and your web pages appeared. I am writing because of the coincidences I have discovered on your pages. As a mature student in photography my final portfolio was created using a 1935 Leica! My daughter studying ALevel photography has taken an image of the Photographers’ Gallery! Silly I know but I am interested in other Smalldons as my Father Patrick Terence John Smalldon died in 2004 and my brother Robert John the following year. My Father’s family came from Barnstaple so I don’t know if we are in any way related. I do know I have a second cousin in America also called Jon Smalldon who is a criminal pathologist!!!
    Take care and all best wishes, Kathyn

  2. No mention of time served as a penguin, Smalldon. We’ll be keeping an eye on you. Your status as “mighty” may have to be revoked. And keep off CiF or you’ll go blind and half-mad; just like the rest of them.

  3. Hey Jon!

    I’ve used one of your photos of Harry Beckett to illustrate my review of the album “the modern sound of Harry Beckett” on my website: http://www.djsocrates.com. I’ve put your name under the picture and it links to this blog. I hope it’s ok for me to use you beautiful work, if not; please let me know and I’ll remove it straight away!



  4. Seriously Smalldon, stop stalking me. It’s getting silly now. I can’t log-on to the internet without your meandering drivel haunting my every step. Surely a confirmed metrosexual such as yourself has better things to do? Harumph!

  5. Jon,
    Many thanks for the review of my show at the Crypt Gallery a while back. It was very kind of you to take the trouble to write about the work. Your words capture exactly what I am trying to do with my paintings. Keep up the good work with your camera and your blog.
    Ed Gray

  6. Hello Jon,
    After looking for some quotes about my dance work, I just came across your short review of a dance piece I choreographed last February called ‘Chairs’. I just wanted to say how pleased I was to hear you enjoyed it, and wondered if you would mind me using a quote for my new website?
    Best wishes

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