Copyright and all that

Everything on this web-site is Copyright (C) Jon Smalldon 2009-2015, unless stated otherwise. Copyright on all images that are not mine is acknowledged where known.  If I’ve stolen an image that’s yours and haven’t used it or acknowledged it appropriately then please let me know.

Feel free to use images for personal and educational use providing they acknowledge Jon Smalldon as their author. In all other instances all rights are reserved.

If you would like to use an image for any purpose, or would like a print, digital file etc please contact me.

2 thoughts on “Copyright and all that”

  1. Hi Jon. Well…this isn’t so much a reply to anything on your blog, but I just wanted to say *thank you so much* for the Hubert Selby Jr. quote you posted on the Guardian website. (I was – evidently, perhaps – quite moved.)

  2. Hi Jon, please may we use your report and pics from Saturday’s game at Westfield on our website and Matchday program? Bill Clifford, Montpelier Villa FC (tried clicking on the “contact me” link but no luck).

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