We know how to play softball

Back in the days when The Simpsons was funny they explained the rules of softball.

There was a lot of talk of beer.

Last night in the Windsor & Maidenhead League – how come they don’t mention Slough? – Chalfont Phoenix and Ascot Blues showed that it’s about the perfect way to spend a summer evening.

There was also beer on the sidelines and, I’m sure coincidentally, a pub right next to Gold Hill Common – the picturesque setting for the game.

I got some snaps. See this one large here. The full set is here.

And now in colour …

Had a few comments back from folk about my shots of James May’s plasticine garden. Mostly everyone, from the James May fan club to rugby league supporters with a knowledge of cameras, was saying – why black and white Jon, why?

I get asked that a lot.

And every so often I mull it over and think – you know this could probably work in colour.

So here’s one of the garden in full colour (large here). I may even do some more later.

But I really wouldn’t hold your breath.

In the meantime, here’s some mostly colourful local cricket from yesterday. Did you know if you miss the turn for Beaconsfield cricket you wind up in a military car park?

You do now.

The singers and the song

Voicelab is an initiative to get everyone singing that runs at Southbank Centre. Obviously I don’t sing because that would contravene the Human Rights Act – or at least good taste.

One of the strands of Voicelab is Pulse – professional standard singers being given an opportunity to develop their talents.

Every so often Pulse groups emerge blinking into the sunlight from whatever darkened rooms they’ve been honing their skills and blow the socks off whatever audience is lucky enough to catch them.

There’s a short run of lunchtime concerts on now (well, four next week not right at this very second). With a bit of luck me and the splendid Sigma will be there to get some snaps.

See this image large here. The set is here.

It’s a garden of plasticine, a plasticine garden …

I heard about it on the News Quiz – an entirely plasticine garden made by James May of Top Gear fame.

They said it won a gold medal — but that’s not strictly true

Anyway, it’s now in the Royal Festival Hall and a thing of absolute loveliness it is too. And as such a fitting first project for my HMRC funded Sigma f/2.8 magnificence.

I’ve done neither justice with this set but I had fun taking them.

See this image large here.

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