All art is quite useless

according to Oscar Wilde.

Ujino Muneteru is in residence at Southbank Centre with a fun show on in The Hayward Project Space and an installation on the Riverside Terrace that’s drawing the crowds – and the photographers. On flickr, Jon Cartwright’s is the pick to my eye … but there are a bunch of them.

See my version large here. And see the video of Endless Art, one of the greatest songs ever ever ever, here.

(I even have More Endless Art somewhere.)


Water @ Oxo

Water has come flooding into gallery@oxo. Three photographers get their names in nice bold letters on the wall – Charlie Waite, Phillip Plissonm and Art Wolfe but there is also work by Paul Tait and Phillip’s son Guillaume.

It all makes for a very interesting combination of coastal scenes, intriguing wildlife and vibrant colours. If there’s no unifying structure, at least the production values are high – and this is definitely an exhibition designed to get you to buy, buy, buy. It’s the work of the Plissons that stands out to me – for some reason I especially like this series.

See my own attempt at wateryness — a fountain in Sloane Square from July last year — large here.

The abandoned Tube

Strand station (pictured behind the phone boxes) became Aldwych before closing – and one of the few delights on the tube is looking out for its brothers that met similar fates (closing, not being renamed Aldwych). It’s still possible to glimpse York Road as the train goes shooting past, for example.

Anyway, this site, sadly not updated in a while delves a bit deeper and has some good photos of explorations of Down Street, Aldwych and others. And this site is terrifyingly comprehensive.

To see the shiny red image at the top large click here.

It’s black, it’s white

Amateur Photographer is having another black and white issue — apparently black and white needs special issues what with it being some form of alien photography.

Anyway, the icon this week is Don McCullin whose “West Hartlepool 1963” is posted above. I hadn’t realised just how varied McCullin’s work was (and is) but a quick google is very revealing.

And here‘s the transcript of an interview with John Tusa.

Good night … bad photos …

Walked around London a bit last Friday and found myself running across various happenings that cried out for the camera – and somehow managed to come back with nothing decent to show at all.

First up, at Charing Cross stumbled across what looked like a flash mob strutting their stuff. Camera out of bag — and managed to cock up the settings so by the time I was ready I got the retreating group and a crowd of folks taking picture. Top drawer.

Next … the National Gallery Picasso exhibition is sponsored by Credit Suisse. And they would like you to know about it. After dark they are projecting Picasso onto the building’s facade. I had a go … but … ah well, click on it if you’d like it to see it large …

Then there was some line skaters streaking down Regent Street. Missed those entirely.

I did at least get a shot of some mad bike rally/protest/celebration going on at Oxford Circus that was bringing traffic to a standstill. The small version is at the top. See it large here.

And then I took a shockingly useless pic of a busker.

That sound is my head repeatedly hitting the keyboard.

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