In this town I can’t get arrested

According to The Register, I’m lucky not to be spending several nights in the cells each week.

I often whip out the camera on the tube. I have no plans to sell my images and the widest viewership is going to come through flickr – which has a massive number of shots from the London Underground (group here for example).

Turns out London Underground and the British Transport Police can sometimes be a bit … well, a bit like security guards at Canary Wharf.

Clearly the only people in the world who take photos with SLRs are terrorist and paedos.

Still, this shot came from a similar situation to The Register one. Whether anyone knew I was taking pictures, I haven’t the first idea. Similar story here. And here.

See the main one large here and be thankful I’m not writing this from inside HMP Whosanaughtyboy.


Taken by Storm

Storm Thorgerson is clearly as mad as the square root of a box of frogs.

But he’s also responsible for some the most iconic images of our time – and many of them have adorned Pink Floyd album covers.

If there’s a reason such as an anniversary for bringing them all together at gallery @ oxo then I missed it but this is still a welcome and fun collection.

Looking over the images you can see a clear influence on practically everyone who has ever looked at Photoshop and thought “now, what can I add to this …” Red balloons pour out of a clear blue sky, two men shake hands – one of them ablaze as he does so, a jockey rides a seahorse and so on and so on.

It’s brilliant and constantly surprising. You could even forgive the fact that it’s very often associated with popular music at the (ahem) pretentious end of the spectrum.

Prints are available for sale and given the stupid prices I’ve seen elsewhere they actually come close to seeming reasonably good value. They’d certainly be a talking point on anyone’s wall.

See one of the albums recreated in Lego here.

The police, gawd bless ’em

There was a fire in Chesham yesterday. It even made the BBC.

(Obviously the local BBC and even there Chesham is a town that needs to be referenced as ‘somewhere near Hemel Hempstead.)

Anyway, an empty building was gutted in a fire at 3.30am. Sadly it was the Royal British Legion.

This link from the Bucks Free Press is worth it for mboth’s epic comment.

A further anyway — I got a photie or two of the aftermath whilst the building was still smouldering and would like to put in a kind word for the police who far from being obsessed about Section 44 of the Terrorism Act were exceptionally friendly and didn’t mind snappers being there providing they didn’t try and get past the police tape.

So, possibly for today only: the police, what a lovely bunch.

See the above photo large here. One of the fire is here.


Ahhh … cricket.

Could anything be more authentically English than scurrying about the Chilterns watching men in white smash a little red ball and then lose it in the surrounding foliage. I’m sure the rule used to be six and out.

Twice – they lost the ball twice.

Once at Ley Hill and again when I got to Chesham.

I really need faster glass if I’m going to capture all this properly but I’m quite pleased with these as first efforts – and from only about fifteen minutes at each game.

See the above image large here — and the small set from the two games is here.

Get yer camera out

My camera’s been gathering dust. Aside from looking up what chiaroscuro means – in response to a comment on flickr – I’ve had a few days lacking inspiration.

In the end it was having time to kill – and then getting rained on at Chalfont. But I did manage to whip out the camera and take some snaps. They are here, here, here and here!

They’re not classics but at least it’s blown the cobwebs off the lens.

I’ve said I’ll take some cricket pictures tomorrow. I’m hoping for better weather than they’re getting in the Test Match.

And also some inspiration.

See the above image large here.

Hemel. Fev.

In the summer sun Hemel Stags took on Fev Lions and a cracking game of rugby it was too – one of the best I’ve seen in the Rugby League Conference.

The home side held an 18-14 lead for most of a nip-and-tuck second half before pulling away and denying their visitors a bonus point with two late tries – a 30-14 well-earned victory for the bright yellow stags over their butcher-striped opponents.

I managed to get some nice snaps – see the collection here. And if you’re that way inclined see that nice bright image large here.

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