Apparently there’s been some weather

You might have heard about it. Some snow arrived and the world ended.

Anyway, some of us have to work. And as I am clearly very important I made my way to Chesham station to venture into London for a day at the coalface.*

This is as far as I got – bloody Chalfont and Latimer. Still, I got a photie … probably wrecked the camera with all the exposure to the elements but, hey!, I’ll let history judge whether it was worth it.**

(Larger version here: clicky)

And we get to do it all again tomorrow.

* No, I don’t actually work at a coalface.

** History called. Apparently it wasn’t worth it.

In the beginning (2)

Bloody hell, I’ve taken some bad photos. Some dull photos. And some where I think .. why did I go to the trouble not only have shooting it and then not delete it but then go on to process it and stick it on the interweb for all to see?

This is the first photo I uploaded to flickr – no doubt I was fresh faced, young and naive (it was 18 months ago and I’m sure we all remember how young and carefree we were then).

I’ve got nudging 1,000 photos on flickr now. I think some judicious pruning is going to be in order.

In the beginning…

Can of coke taken with a Nikon D40x and a Jessops 360AFD flasg
Can of coke taken with a Nikon D40x and a Jessops 360AFD flash

So again, I have a blog.  Let’s see how long this one lasts.

This is what I’ve been doing with the camera today – Mrs Jon is out and the kids were entranced by CBeebies.
This blog will feature my pics and comments about photography, photo exhibitions and the like.
Hopefully, at some point, it might even be slightly interesting.
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