Hello, old friend

Taking a break from shots of people struggling through the snow to look back at happier, and warmer, times.

I found this one from last September of the last days of The Photographers’ Gallery at Great Newport Street before its move to its new premises nearer the heart of Soho in Great Ramillies Street. View large here.


Snow away

I feel like Father Jack – “And what would you say to a nice fall of fresh snow?”

“Feck off, snow!”

Anyway, four more photos added to “The Great Weather of 2009” set, with a few more to come from this morning’s dumping of the white stuff.

The things you see … every sodding day

… and every time the trains to Amersham / Chesham go into hiding and you find yourself down on the platforms at Baker Street wondering how the board can say ‘Ready to Leave’ given the complete absence of train.

Most times I get my camera out and take blurry pictures of trains and passengers that I then delete on the way home before becoming so more bored on the Chesham shuttle that I wind up taking pictures of my hand.

Anyway, the reason I am dribbling on about this is that I took a photie of Treats a while ago, not long after getting my camera.  I was quite proud of it at the time.  I thought it ‘captured something’.

Which just goes to show how wrong it’s possible to be. 

That photo is here. Where once I thought I’d ‘got it’ in showing the people hanging round Treats after dark, all I see now is an underexposed and deeply uninteresting shot.

And the one above, freshly processed this week?  It’s kinda fun, I like the silvery-ness of it, the way the people line up and the contrast and shape of the woman in a hurry against the light.  It seems more of a photograph to me.  I’ve made less of an effort to capture something and more of one to create an image that hangs together.

Don’t worry though – I’ll hate it this time next year.

The day the music …

I guess it must be very nearly the day the music died.  It might even be today.  I shall have a wiki and find out in a moment.  That would explain the Arena screened by BBC Four this evening.

In keeping with the Buddy theme, the Proud Galleries have an exhibition of photos of the rock n roll legend on at their Proud Central venue.

It’s not a bad little collection but even in such a small exhibition it quickly becomes apparent that there is a sameyness of the images of Buddy performing – shouting out from behind his thick glasses and guitar. The backstage ones are far more interesting and there are enough of those – including on the link – to make it a nicely diverting few minutes. Probably not worth making a detour for though.

(There’s also an unforgiveable shot of Buddy and the Crickets posing behind some cricket stumps. The commissioning editor who came up with that one probably had kittens with his daring originality.)

Prints start at about £400 for most images – if I had the money and wallspace my hard-earned would go on Lew Allen’s surprising shot of an almost unrecognisable Buddy emerging from the door of the tour bus.

Anyway, I’m off to listen to Rave On and think, “They don’t make ’em like that any more, do they?”

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