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The light is bright

The British Virgin Islands are a long way from anywhere except the US Virgin Islands. Despite being a British Overseas Territory there are no direct flights from the UK and so we crossed the Atlantic first to Antigua before taking a LIAT hop via the intriguing Sint Maarten / Saint Martin to Tortola. Yes, we’ve been before but this time I took my camera and was not afraid to use it.

The resulting set is here (slideshow here). It’s a mix of colour and black and white, street and landscape – all taken on Tortola and Peter Island. I’m quite pleased with it.

The above is St Paul’s Anglican church on the road between Road Town (the capital of the BVI) and West End, where we staying. See it large here.


A well-travelled pushchair

So the boys’ pushchair is now better travelled than I am.

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks – enjoying a family holiday in Antigua and the British Virgin Islands – very nice too as well. The only downside being that you can’t just walk there, or indeed between the two.

The flight back was so bad that we have a ‘some wine’ heading our way as compensation (compared to the flight out which was absolutely excellent but we didn’t give them any wine by way of thanks). However the biggest problem came when flying back to Antigua (we went Antigua-BVI-Antigua for convenience). We got off – the buggy didn’t. The following day it called to tell us that it was in St Lucia.

Or St Kitts. Being a ‘stroller’, it wasn’t too sure.

We got it back.


However I do not recommend being in baggage reclaim at the V C Bird International Airport with no pushchair, two tired children, and a slow speaking Italian delaying your ability to report said absence by forty fucking minutes.

Other than that it was tremendous. But I only took holiday snaps rather than high art. Some may follow though.

See the image above large here.

In the meantime, I can’t find any interesting BVI photos but here‘s an intriguing archive from the adjacent US Virgin Islands.