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At the match: Hertfordshire Cheetahs at Hastings Conquerors

That would be a touchdown – (C) 2017 Jon Smalldon, All rights reserved

Over to Hastings and Bexhill rugby club which is now the home of Hastings Conquerors American football club.  Their visitors began life as the Chiltern Cheetahs in the mid 80s and lay claim to being the third oldest continuously playing club in the UK whereas Hastings are one of the newest.  No matter, old and young now face each other in the same division which, assuming I’m reading this right, sits at the foot of the British American Football pyramid.

Truth to be told, there were pleasures here today but a close contest wasn’t one of them.  Hertfordshire got ahead early and then scored often. On each down they seemed to have a few yards head start before Hastings closed them down.  When Hastings had the football they didn’t seem to have the same level of coordination and, in the first half (I left at half time owing to life getting in the way), picked up only one first down which they immediately blew by coughing up an interception touchdown.

The final score was 63-0 so a happy journey home for the visitors but a tough day at the office for the Conquerors.  But, at least, they now have an office which is a very nice place to watch sport. The rugby clubhouse serves a nice pint, the balcony is a splendid place to survey what’s going on, and, should they get a close game going, they will get more folk to stick around.  There was interest aplenty from a healthy contingent from Hastings & Bexhill as well as a good group of preconverted supporters. I’ll certainly be back and I may even make it past half time.

Photos here.


Are we, we are the waiting

There’s probably a stat somewhere along the lines of “the average person spends 2 years of their life waiting for stuff”. Or maybe three years. Or ten years if they have the misfortune to have a lot of things posted to them by people who use Parcelforce.

Today I spent rather a long time waiting in the outpatients at Wycombe Hospital. I’m okay but it took three hours of waiting to confirm this. The British disease of waiting patiently and calmly – and yet having a full register of who else is also waiting and whether they are before or after you in the queue – was never more perfectly observed.

Before I had that misfortune however I took this photo. It’s of the bus stop on Queen Alexandra Road outside what is the older, grubbier half of the Bucks New University building in High Wycombe. You’ll note the polite waiting for a bus taking place. Of all the kinds of waiting, I find (inexplicably) waiting for a bus to be the most frustrating. This shot was taken with the splendid Samsung Tocco Lite cameraphone and you can see it large here.

The police, gawd bless ’em

There was a fire in Chesham yesterday. It even made the BBC.

(Obviously the local BBC and even there Chesham is a town that needs to be referenced as ‘somewhere near Hemel Hempstead.)

Anyway, an empty building was gutted in a fire at 3.30am. Sadly it was the Royal British Legion.

This link from the Bucks Free Press is worth it for mboth’s epic comment.

A further anyway — I got a photie or two of the aftermath whilst the building was still smouldering and would like to put in a kind word for the police who far from being obsessed about Section 44 of the Terrorism Act were exceptionally friendly and didn’t mind snappers being there providing they didn’t try and get past the police tape.

So, possibly for today only: the police, what a lovely bunch.

See the above photo large here. One of the fire is here.