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An old photo: Parkour poseur, 2009

Southbank Centre, London, 2009 – Photo taken on a Canonet QL19 with TriX film. Copyright (C) Jon Smalldon 2009, All rights reserved.

According to my flickr stats, there are just shy of 4,500 photos I’ve taken that are waiting on that feed to be discovered. And odd feeling. By volume, most will be of sporting fixtures that are now barely remembered even by those who were playing. This morning, I decided to have a browse through and stop when one caught my I that was both interesting and that I couldn’t remember taking.

This athletic fellow was showing his moves off in front of my Canonet rangefinder – I love that camera but real life gets in the way of film photography at the minute – nearly a decade ago. His shape mirrors that of Zemran, the work by William Pye that you can see rising from the upper walkway. His attitude bursts from the graffiti’d skatepark in the background. The same skatepark that caused so much issue when Southbank Centre tried to shift its users away so that the space could turn commercial to part-finance the refurbishment of the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

The Queen Elizabeth Hall reopens following that refurbishment in a few weeks. The skate park is still there, now with added notoriety.  Zemran was made a work of national importance requiring proper protection in 2016. The kid in the photo held his pose for a few minutes and then moved on.